Priscilla ChristiE 


I bring a creative mindset, strategic-thinking, and a business perspective to every project – large or small.

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portfolio samples

Album art
3D Packaging Illustration
Rolling stones cover design
K9 to G0 prototype illustration
K90 to Go Packaging
VR Logo
VR viewer instructions illustration
Anti-smoking campaign poster
Splash logo design and illustration
Dragon Heart illustration/design
White Haze book cover redesign
CJG abstract postcard
CJG beach postcard collage
JB Photo-edits
MC DVD label
RRMG logo and favicon
The Cuddler movie poster
Cookbook Design
Cudmore Associates logo design
Logo design for dance studio
Young at Heart logo design
WM logo & gear
Podcast icon
Seaborn logo design

Graphic Design

My design philosophy is simple – though not always simple to achieve: Be noticed. Be focused. Be remembered.

My aesthetic leans toward clean and modern, with a deliberate mix of hard and soft elements to create contrast and interest. Although every concept is customized according to the message we are trying to convey.   


web Design

My approach to web design is: balance and clarity.

A visually pleasing, clear hierarchy of information is essential – using images in lieu of text whenever possible.

Aesthetics and ease of navigation work in tandem to ensure the user can quickly find the right information, while remaining engaged and interested in your story. 



Custom digital illustration.

As a digital illustrator, I am able to create custom images from scratch. These “vector” illustrations maintain clean lines and perfect color, regardless of complexity – from simple shapes to multiple layers and transparencies.


Although vector illustration is highly-detailed and somewhat time-consuming work, it can be incredibly useful. Once created, a vector illustration can be customized and altered to fit many applications, shapes, and sizes.



Logo design is an important part of the branding process, but it’s not the only part.

Branding is, first and foremost, about identity –your brand is your signature.


A unique and strategically designed logo helps tell your 'story' – and a carefully curated color palette, typeface, and composition style – used consistently – create a cohesive visual identity across multiple platforms and media.

Art Direction:

Concept development, 

photoshoot management, editorial vision, brand identity and design.

photo editing:

Color correction, cosmetic enhancement (for professional headshots and product photos),

multi-layered photo composites,

formatting and sizing for use across multiple platforms. 

photo styling:

On site styling for product photoshoots, wardrobe and styling for professional headshots and editorial photos, and set staging. 


about me


Concept through Execution


Designer/Art Director

Artist. Strategist. 

Detail-oriented, big-picture thinker.

Driven & focused.

Experienced, life-long learner.

Marketing &
Graphic &
Web Design



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